How Much Do NFT Artists Make?

If you’re into a digital world, you might know about digital art! And if you like making digital art, you should sell your work for a hefty price at NFT. You never know. You can be the next top-notch artist at NFT. Just like a teen artist, “Victor Langlois,” who sold his artwork for $550,000. His painting is known as “The Everlasting Beautiful.” In NFT sales alone, he has earned around $18 million. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore together how much do NFT artists make!

NFTs are a new and exciting way to make money. It has shown in a new era. Hence, it gives artists a fanciful platform to make, sell, and earn from their digital artworks in a way never before. NFT artists come from all walks of life. Yes, it’s true! And with the recent buzz around NFTs selling for millions, more and more people are becoming interested in seeking a career as an NFT artist. But as NFTs become a new trend, it is still a puzzle to many how exactly NFT artists make money. Well, you don’t need to worry about it! We have outlined everything in this guide, so read on and stay connected.

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Protect Your NFT Investments: Could You Be Using the Wrong Ethereum Wallet?

In the digital world of NFTs, choosing the right Ethereum wallet to secure your digital assets is crucial. Picking a wallet with poor security measures can expose your NFTs to theft by hackers and scammers. Even well known wallets may be susceptible to attacks if not regularly updated with the latest security patches or lack additional security layers like two-factor authentication (2FA) or biometric logins. Beware also of scam wallets, designed to appear legitimate, but exist only to steal your assets. Remember, blockchain transactions are irreversible, and a wrong decision can result in permanent loss.

This guide will help you select the right wallet for your NFT collection, and help you stay clear of scams and unsecure wallets.

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