Blockchain Ecosystems Ranked by Number of NFT Marketplaces Supporting the Chain

Exploring the number of NFT marketplaces available to users of each blockchain ecosystem shows us which NFT trading volume business are choosing to service, and potentially which blockchain NFT standards provide the most lucrative marketplace fees.

1. Ethereum ETH Diamond Logo

19 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: OpenSea

Ethereum was the first blockchain to have a major NFT collection launch on its chain, first came Crypto Kitties which regularly crashed the blockchain, and in 2017 CryptoPunks was launched. This time advantage has led Ethereum being supported by the largest number of NFT marketplaces.

2. Binance Smart Chain

18 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: Mobox

Binance Smart Chain is a fork of Ethereum, which made all smart contract code portable between the two chains – due to this advantage is has been very simple for NFT marketplaces to add integrations for this chain.

3. Polygon

11 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: OpenSea

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon shares much of the same architecture as Ethereum, making it an easy integration for marketplaces. Polygon allows for lower value collections to be traded at high frequencies due to its low fees and fast transaction settlement times.

4. Tezos Tezos Logo

7 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: Objkt

Tezos is a smart contract enabled blockchain platform utilising a proof of stake consensus algorithm. Tezos provides much cheaper transaction fees when compared with Ethereum but the major appeal to developers and green technology enthusiast is its commitment to only working with carbon neutral NFT marketplaces.

5. WAX

7 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: AtomicMarket

WAX stands for ‘World Wide Asset Exchange’ – it is a carbon neutral blockchain focused on e-commerce transactions, which includes NFTs and other digital assets. By integrating WAX blockchain the marketplace can gain access to a wide range of video game assets and virtual collection NFTs.

6. Solana Solana SOL Logo

6 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: Magic Eden

Solana has seen a rapid expansion of its developer base as it has adopted the already popular programming languages: C and Rust. Due to this adoption advantage marketplace developers have been keen to integrate the Solana chain.

7. Flow Flow Blockchain Logo

6 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: NBA Top Shot

The Flow blockchain has smart contracts and low transaction fees on its side, originally developed to host Web3 games the Flow blockchain is vastly scalable. The Flow blockchain has since expanded to host NFT collections of world class intellectual property such as NBA Top Shots, providing a compelling reason for marketplaces to integrate this blockchain.

8. Avalanche

4 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: NFTrade

Avalanche claims to be the fastest smart contract platform in the world, while also remaining carbon neutral. Avalanche has made an effort to make minting as low cost as possible, making it attractive for the larger NFT collections (usually game assets), making it a must have for marketplaces looking to maximise profits from transaction fees.

9. Zilliqa

3 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: Zilswap

Zilliqa is focused on providing a blockchain architecture which makes it easy for developers to build decentralised apps. Zilliqa is a high throughput chain thanks to its sharding capabilities. As marketplaces look to the future of the NFT landscape, they have integrated Zilliqa to serve the coming users when mass adoption of NFTs kicks in.

10. Ronin

1 NFT Marketplaces
Dominant NFT Marketplace: Axie Marketplace

Ronin is an Ethereum side chain developed by Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity and other related gaming titles. Sky Mavis launched this development initiative to take their destiny into their own hands, so they can provide maximum up time and high quality game play to users without too much reliance on third parties. Marketplaces would like to integrate this chain to provide users with access to Axie Infinity NFT assets, but Sky Mavis is currently restricting trading to it own marketplace: Axie Marketplace.

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