NFTs Ranked by Daily Passive Income

A few NFT collections have built in mechanisms designed to reward owners for holding the NFT, this is typically distributed as a daily passive income denominated in the underlying currency of the associated metaverse ecosystem. The rewards have been reflected in USD for easy comparison, and ranked from the highest daily reward to the lowest.

1. Decentraland – Earn $MANA

💰 $10.52 (14 MANA) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $2,132

Decentraland is thriving metaverse with land based NFTs, which can provide its owner with passive income in the form of rent. Rent is due daily in Decentraland and the currency of choice is MANA. The rental value of land is decided on an open marketplace hosted by the Decentraland foundation.

2. Cyber Kongz – Earn $BANANA

💰 $4.99 (10 BANANA) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $27,400

Cyber Kongz are a society based NFT with randomly generated 3D art. The Cyber Kongz have been rewarding the collections owners from day one by providing passive income daily in the form of $BANANA tokens. These tokens can also be earned by completing daily quests and actions within the Jungle game.

3. The Sandbox – Earn $SAND

💰 $3.66 (5 SAND) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $1,427

The Sandbox is an open play metaverse, allowing users to build experiences and businesses on the land. The land NFTs within the sandbox can be rented to developers wishing to build commercial enterprises – landowners can collect either a daily rent for renting the land, or a daily dividend from the business operating on their metaverse land.

4. Trans Dimensional Fox Federation – Earn $FOXY

💰 $0.21 (55 FOXY) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $308

The Trans Dimensional Fox Federation are a second tier membership to the Famous Foxes NFT community, these NFTs had originally been airdropped to Famous Foxes NFT holders. The TDFF earns a daily passive income for the holder, paid in $FOXY tokens.

5. Cool Cats – Earn $MILK

💰 $0.18 (1250 MILK) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $3,648

Cool Cats are the only blue-chip NFT brand which rewards owners on a daily basis for holding the NFT. The $MILK earned can be spent on animated content, comics, games and merchandise, all of which can not be purchased with any other currency. Cool Cats aims to be the leading entertainment brand in web3 with its community centred storytelling.

6. Hotel De Mentia – Earn $SOL

💰 $0.11 (0.004 SOL) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $42

Hotel De Mentia is a web3 project incorporating Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. The NFTs in this collection represent guests staying at Hotel De Mentia, guests earn a daily passive reward for staying at the hotel which can be spent on the associated metaverse and mini games once they launch. The unique thing about HDM is that they pay the daily reward in $SOL, Solanas native currency.

7. Family Sol – Earn $FAMSOL

💰 $0.00096 (0.3 FAMSOL) Per Day
NFT Floor Price: $2

Family Sol aims to build a play to earn role playing game with a comical tone. The NFTs within the Family Sol collection represent characters which can navigate their way through a 3D metaverse. The daily passive income reward from the NFT is a form of wrapped $SOL.

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