Land NFTs Ranked by Number of Referring Domains

NFTs representing land in virtual worlds (often referred to as metaverses) form a large segment of the overall NFT trading volume on marketplaces such as OpenSea. NFTs related to land and associated assets are now so popular that the sub category is listed on NFT marketplace homepages. This list aims to rank land NFTs by number of referring domains – this is how many websites link to the particular NFT collections homepage. By analysing the number of referring domains we can hope to understand the popularity of web resources related to each collection.

1. Decentraland

Referring Domains: 26.4k
🔗 Backlinks: 225k

Decentraland is one of the oldest virtual worlds built with NFT assets, this 3D world is already live allowing users to explore a massively multiplayer open world game. Decentraland has a thriving economy with some power users already earning a liveable income by operating businesses in the virtual world, this is likely to be the main reason behind the popularity of the resources provided by Decentraland foundation on its website.

2. The Sandbox

Referring Domains: 21k
🔗 Backlinks: 577k

The Sandbox has a vast array of brands buying and developing land within its virtual world. From sports apparel brands such as Adidas to news organisations such as The Morning Star are building virtual experiences on sandbox land. The publicity brought to the Sandbox by these brand deals has resulted in websites from around the world linking to the homepage and related resources.

3. Town Star

Referring Domains: 5.5k
🔗 Backlinks: 14.7k

Town Star is a Virtual world built by the blockchain gaming giant Gala Games, with a proven track record this Farmville inspired virtual world is a popular choice for gamers dipping their toes into a metaverse for the first time.

4. Voxels

Referring Domains: 4.8k
🔗 Backlinks: 53.1k

Formerly known as Crypto Voxels, this blockchain based virtual world is focused on buying, developing and selling land. There is no limitations on what a user can do with their land, from building homes, opening businesses or organising events.

5. Otherside

Referring Domains: 2.6k
🔗 Backlinks: 38.6k

Otherside metaverse is a virtual world which shares its technology stack with The Sandbox, however if is a completely unrelated project in terms of branding. Otherside is not yet open to the public, however the rights to its land have been sold as Otherdeed NFTs.

6. NFT Worlds

Referring Domains: 1.6k
🔗 Backlinks: 20.3k

NFT Worlds have taken a different approach to the other virtual worlds in this list. Owners of NFT Worlds have access to a infinitely scalable world in which they can build any experience they can dream up. NFT worlds is massively multiplayer and has an extensive developer API.

7. Worldwide Webb Land

Referring Domains: 816
🔗 Backlinks: 4.1k

Worldwide Webb is an interoperable pixel art massively multiplayer role playing metaverse game, allowing users to import NFTs from other virtual worlds to create unique experiences. NFTs are used to represent avatars, pets, land and all other assets. This virtual world has a big focus on quest style game play.

8. Somnium Space

Referring Domains: 788
🔗 Backlinks: 6.1k

Somnium Space is a social media network embedded within a virtual reality open world. Users can buy land and either build on it, or import NFT assets from other virtual worlds to display on the land. Somnium assets are already monetization enabled.

9. Tree Verse

Referring Domains: 445
🔗 Backlinks: 2.8k

Treeverse is an open world, fantasy massively multiplayer open role playing game with a multiplayer online battle arena combat system. This game has a magic adventure theme, allowing gamers to travel far and wide slaying mythical beasts and conquering new lands.

10. Arcade Land

Referring Domains: 168
🔗 Backlinks: 2.8k

Arcade land is an open virtual world hoping to unite the web3 community by focusing on the importability of NFT assets from other virtual worlds and character avatar collections. Arcade land is encouraging NFT land owners to develop mini games, hence being called an arcade.

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