Marketplaces that list Bitcoin Ordinals Ranked by Average Duration

The popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs is rising quickly, but the ecosystem is still young. It will likely take many years for the Ordinals ecosystem to reach the level of maturity Ethereum NFTs currently have. This list will rank Bitcoin Ordinals marketplaces by average user duration – this is how long the average user spends browsing the marketplace per visit.

1. Magic Eden

Average Visit Duration: 11:20 Minutes

Magic Eden is a dominant force in the Ethereum NFT ecosystem, which has recently been expanding its offering to service alternative blockchains. Magic Eden was the first major NFT marketplace to integrate Bitcoin Ordinals – this will give Magic Eden a dominant position in this emerging ecosystem which will be difficult to surpass.

2. Gamma

Average Visit Duration: 09:25 Minutes

Gamma is a marketplace which started live serving the Stacks NFT community, however it quickly expanded to Bitcoin Ordinals when the opportunity presented its self. Users spend an average on 9 minutes and 25 seconds on the marketplace each time they visit, which is a result of the vast number of Ordinals listings already live on the website.

3. OrdSwap

Average Visit Duration: 06:12 Minutes

OrdSwap has decided to focus on low inscription Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs, which has resulted in a low transaction volume, but each transaction represents a significant amount of value. OrdSwap has recently launched an Inscription service, allowing creators to easily inscribe Ordinal NFTs to the Bitcoin blockchain.


Average Visit Duration: 04:22 Minutes is currently the largest Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace by transaction volume and value. This marketplace also boasts a unique feature, allowing users to verify the ownership of Bitcoin Ordinals stored in Ethereum Vaults – this novel cross chain technology has enabled efficient and safe Ordinals NFT trading on a massive scale.


Average Visit Duration: 04:09 Minutes

As you have likely guessed by the name, this Ordinals marketplace is focused solely on computer generated art NFT collections, this marketplace is tipped to be the first major cash generator for creators utilising Artificial intelligence to generate and create art.

6. Ordinals Wallet

Average Visit Duration: 03:57 Minutes

This is the Metamask of the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem, providing an easy to use Bitcoin wallet with all the tools Ordinals NFT creators and collectors need. The team has recently expanded the project by creating a fully fledged native marketplace to showcase the wallets ease of use and functionality.

7. Open Ordex

Average Visit Duration: 03:13 Minutes

Open Ordex is currently the only open source Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace. It operates on a trust less model by utilizing Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs), and shares this data via NOSTR (Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays) allowing for other marketplaces to pull in its listings for increased distribution and reach.


Average Visit Duration: 02:19 Minutes

Ord.City is owned and operated by Scarce City a popular Lightning NFT marketplace. accepts both Bitcoin and Lightning transactions, with rumours that it will soon enable Ordinals inscriptions using the Lightning payment layer, this is expected to spark a new gold rush as creators rush to obtain the lowest inscription numbers on this Layer 2 solution.

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