Metaverse Land NFTs Ranked by GDP

Gross Domestic Product is the monetary measure of how productive a piece of land or country is, in this case we are going to calculate the monthly GDP in USD of the Land NFTs within different Metaverses to see where the strongest digital economies are.

1. Vulcan Forged

📈 $70,322 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 9,918 Land NFTs

Vulcan Forged is the creator of the Vulcanverse, which is an open world massive multiplayer role playing game, with a story line created by the authors of fighting fantasy. Within Vulcanverse all assets can be owned by players as NFTs.

2. The Sandbox

📈 $40,952 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 166,464 Land NFTs

The Sandbox is a 3D Roblox inspired game, mimicking the pixel art style and the massively multiplayer open world players are familiar with. Land within The Sandbox has already been purchased by large gaming studios and brands – each building their own attractions within this metaverse.

3. Decentraland

📈 $40,232 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 97,943 Land NFTs

Decentraland is a browser based 3D virtual world, which is massively multiplayer and open to exploration and building. Decentraland launched in 2020 and has since been governed by a non-profit foundation. Decentraland uses the Ethereum blockchain and has its own native currency known as MANA.

4. Axie Infinity

📈 $23,664 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 90,061 Land NFTs

Axie Infinity is an NFT based multiplayer game developed by Sky Mavis in Vietnam. Axie Infinity is a play to earn game, requiring players to buy NFT characters and then battle enemies to win in game rewards and character enhancements.

5. My Neighbour Alice

📈 $6,119 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 100,000 Land NFTs

My Neighbour Alice is a resource restricted multiplayer builder game, where players can build attractions, homes or businesses on their virtually NFT land. The game rewards players for completing daily tasks and interacting with neighbours.

6. Star Atlas

📈 $5,978 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 129,612 Land NFTs

A grand strategy game set in space, considered to be the Star Craft of the NFT world. Players can own fleets of ships and explore a vast universe with many Planets – each planet being governed by its local land owners.

7. Wilder World

📈 $1,574 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 7,344 Land NFTs

Wilder World is a 5D metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Wilder World is a futuristic metaverse with a mix of photo realistic worlds and abstract virtual reality. Players can roam freely, acquire virtual land and resources and build anything they can imagine.

8. Illuvium

📈 $1,276 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 100,000 Land NFTs

Illuvium is an open world multiplayer game focused on exploration, with 7 alien landscapes to explore and own as NFTs. This is a graphically rich sci-fi based metaverse where players can earn ETH, by fighting on conducting commerce.

9. Otherside

📈 $82 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 99,999 Land NFTs

Otherside is a community focused metaverse gamified with rewards, that blurs the line between traditional massively multiplayer role playing games and the mechanics of a Web3 digital economy. This metaverse is a joint venture between Animoca and Yuga Labs.

10. Treeverse

📈 $62 monthly GDP per Land NFT
🌏 3,399 Land NFTs

Treeverse is a game played from an aerial point of view, allowing players to see the open world massively multiplayer role playing game from a strategic vantage point. This metaverse is mobile first with an emphasis on community and social features.

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