OpenSea integrated Blockchains Ranked by NFT Sales Volume

OpenSea currently supports NFTs across eight blockchain ecosystems, by analysing the sales volume in USD, we can gain insight into which technology stack is most popular amongst NFT collection creators and NFT buyers.

1. Ethereum ETH Diamond Logo

💸 $4.9 Billion USD Sales Volume
ETH Diamond Logo 3.6 Million ETH Equivalent Sales Volume
340K NFTs Sold

Ethereum is the dominant blockchain for NFT collections, thanks to its smart contract platform and its vast user based coupled with easy to use browser based wallets such as Metamask.

2. Polygon

💸 $414 Million USD Sales Volume
ETH Diamond Logo 312K ETH Equivalent Sales Volume
556K NFTs Sold

Polygon is a layer 2 sidechain running in parallel to the Ethereum blockchain, providing fast transactions and low fees underpinned by the MATIC cryptocurrency.

3. Solana Solana SOL Logo

💸 $191 Million USD Sales Volume
Solana SOL Logo 11.7 Million SOL Equivalent Sales Volume
223K NFTs Sold

Although not reflected in the metrics on this list, Solana is the second most popular blockchain for NFT collection developers. Solana provides a lightweight blockchain, with low fees and a Rust compatible ecosystem.

4. Binance Smart Chain BNB Chain Logo

💸 $42 Million USD Sales Volume
152K BNB Equivalent Sales Volume
224K NFTs Sold

Binance Smart Chain is an Ethereum fork developed and maintained by Binance Exchange. BSC is gaining rapid traction in NFT space thanks to the Binance launchpad heavily promoting BSC based NFT Collections.

5. Klaytn

💸 $26 Million USD Sales Volume
151 Million KLAY Equivalent Sales Volume
154K NFTs Sold

Klaytn is an enterprise blockchain platform developed by Kakao, a South Korean based internet provider. The modular architecture of Klaytn has allowed Asian IP rights holders to easily deploy their content as NFTs.

6. Arbitrum

💸 $12 Million USD Sales Volume
ETH Diamond Logo 9531 ETH Equivalent Sales Volume
50K NFTs Sold

Arbitrum aims to deliver exponential scalability to the Ethereum blockchain by rapidly transmitting data between the base chain and the layer 2 solution. This has resulted in a boom of NFT focused games which rely on large volumes of microtransactions.

7. Optimism

💸 $4.7 Million USD Sales Volume
ETH Diamond Logo 3517 ETH Equivalent Sales Volume
330K NFTs Sold

Optimism is the most stable layer 2 solution available for the Ethereum blockchain, built by the original Ethereum developers for the developer community – the project has seen a vast uptake amongst NFT project creators and associated development teams.

8. Avalanche

💸 $1.4 Million USD Sales Volume
115K AVAX Equivalent Sales Volume
22K NFTs Sold

Avalanche is an opensource decentralised blockchain utilising proof of stake with full smart contract functionality. Avalanche is gaining traction within the NFT community thanks to its instant transaction settlement times. AVAX is the base currency of the Avalanche blockchain.

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