OpenSea Supported Blockchains Ranked by Gaming NFT Volume

Gaming is set to be a core driver of metaverse adoption and its related NFTs. Gamers are often quick to adapt new technologies and they already account for a significant amount of the global population. By analysing which Blockchains on OpenSea have the highest NFT trading volumes we can hope to uncover which chain will be dominant in the early stages of the transition to the metaverse.

1. Ethereum ETH Diamond Logo

💵 $438M All Time Gaming NFT Sales
ETH Diamond Logo 286K ETH

Ethereum has a powerful virtual machine capable of running smart contracts, this makes it the dominant blockchain when it comes to gaming NFTs as it can process dynamic meta date, although the community has concerns regarding the speed of the EVM not being fast enough for real time games, the high transaction fees are also a concern.

2. Polygon

💵 $138M All Time Gaming NFT Sales
ETH Diamond Logo 90K ETH

Polygon is an Ethereum side chain, also known as a layer 2 solution, which is EVM compatible – meaning any smart contract that works on Ethereum can be easily ported to Polygon. The side chain addresses the two major concerns of Ethereum’s virtual machine by making smart contract functions faster and more scalable, with this increase in capacity also comes cheaper transaction fees when interacting with smart contracts.

3. Arbitrum

💵 $16M All Time Gaming NFT Sales
ETH Diamond Logo 11K ETH

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which means it is also EVM compatible, similar to Polygon. Arbitrum has found popularity amongst mini games utilizing NFTs, this is due to the transaction costs to interact with EVM smart contracts are low enough for gamers to enjoy blockchain games without being concerned about cost.

4. Solana Solana SOL Logo

💵 $11M All Time Gaming NFT Sales
Solana SOL Logo 535K SOL

Solana is one of the biggest competitors to Ethereum, the Solana ecosystem has been scaling up. The resources provided have attracted 2000 active developers. Solana is the second most popular blockchain for gaming related NFTs, this can be attributed to its choice of programming languages C++ and Rust – two widely popular programming languages, making it easier for developers to transition into producing blockchain based games.

5. Klaytn

💵 $10M All Time Gaming NFT Sales

Klaytn is a project built by Kakao, a South Korean telecommunication giant. Klaytn is an enterprise blockchain solution built to encourage app developers to launch blockchain and NFT enabled DAPPs, users can pay for services in KLAY, the Klaytn native token, and also earn KLAY from apps such as games with tournament prizes and rewards.

6. Avalanche

💵 $536K All Time Gaming NFT Sales

Avalanche is an open source proof of stake blockchain with smart contract functionality focused on bringing decentralised gaming applications to the mass market. Although AVAX is the native currency there are many bridges available allowing Ethereum users to transmit their ETH onto Avalanche. This blockchain can process up to 5000 transactions per second (Ethereum does just 15 transactions per second), making it more realistic to build complicated multiplayer games with blockchain technology an NFT assets and characters.

7. BNB Chain BNB Chain Logo

💵 $474K All Time Gaming NFT Sales

Binance Smart Chain is an Ethereum fork controlled and run by the Binance exchange, its native token is BNB, hence it was formally known as BNB Chain. BSC has a virtual machine which regularly integrates updates from Ethereum. BSC is faster and cheaper than Ethereum due to its partial centralisation (many resources and nodes being provided by one entity: Binance exchange.) BSC is a popular choice for developers building games for the Asian market- the low fees and NFT prices are affordable for gamers in Asian countries with weaker national currencies.

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