NFT Marketplaces Ranked by how much it cost to list an NFT

NFTs have soared in both popularity and values over the past 5 years, creating a vibrant ecosystem of businesses. One of the most lucrative and popular smart contract based business models is NFT marketplaces, which generate profit by taking a commission on every NFT sold on the marketplace. By analysing the commissions charged by leading NFT marketplaces we can see the price elasticity of the NFT space.

1. CryptoPunks Marketplace

💰 0% Commission per NFT Sold
😔 $0 Total Commissions Earned

Larva Labs was one of the first companies to launch an internal marketplace for its NFT collections. As Larva Labs only profited from minting and selling the CryptoPunks NFT collection, and opted not to include a creator royalty for secondary sales in the smart contract, making it one of the cheapest NFTs to trade in terms of fees.

2. Meebits Marketplace meebits 12835

💰 0% Commission per NFT Sold
😔 $0 Total Commissions Earned

Meebits is another Larva Labs NFT collection, using the same playbook as the CryptoPunks – they have built an internal marketplace with zero percent commission on NFTs sold. Meebits originally had a zero percent creator royalty, however since Yuga Labs purchased the ownership of the collection the creator royalty has been raised to five percent on secondary sales.

3. Magic Eden

💰 2% Commission per NFT Sold
🤑 $16M Total Commissions Earned

Magic Eden has the best user interface and suite of tools available to the Solana NFT community. The company has also decided to compete on price by undercutting the majority of large NFT marketplaces with a two percent commission.

4. OpenSea

💰 2.5% Commission per NFT Sold
🤑 $500M Total Commissions Earned

OpenSea is the leading NFT marketplace within the Ethereum ecosystem. OpenSea serves seven blockchain ecosystems and keeps its percentage commission per NFT sold consistent across them all. OpenSea is in a privileged position which allows it to command a much higher commission, but the team has opted to stay competitive in terms of pricing.

5. Digital Eyes

💰 2.5% Commission per NFT Sold
🤑 $4M Total Commissions Earned

Digital Eyes is Solana focused NFT marketplace with an internal launchpad. This marketplace trails Magic Eden in terms of trading volume and fees, however they have a loyal base of digital collectors which keeps creators minting NFTs on the platform. Digital Eyes is speculated to make the majority of its profit from the launchpad business.


💰 2.5% Commission per NFT Sold
🤑 $8.1M Total Commissions Earned

Being one of the oldest NFT marketplaces dedicated to the Cardano ecosystem, CNFT accounts for a large portion of the NFT trading volume taking place on Cardano. The commission on NFTs sold is inline with the other industry giants, however these fees are subsidised by the low transaction fees of the Cardano blockchain.

7. LooksRare

💰 2.5% Commission per NFT Sold
😄 $681M Total Commissions Earned

LooksRare is a community focused NFT marketplace with one of the best known brands in the NFT space. LooksRare takes a humble commission on NFTs sold inline with the industry standard, but it has some of the highest sales volumes on this list, which has allowed the business to accumulate over half a billion dollars in commissions.

8. NBA Top Shot Marketplace

💰 5% Commission per NFT Sold
🤑 $51M Total Commissions Earned

The NBA Top Shot Marketplace runs on the flow blockchain which has been developed by Dapper Labs. The high commission per NFT sold is assumed to be the result of the heavy royalty payments required to bring sporting leagues such as the NBA and UFC into the NFT space.

9. Axie Marketplace

💰 5.25% Commission per NFT Sold
🤑 $217M Total Commissions Earned

Sky Mavis the games studio behind Axie Infinity has spent a lot of time and energy developing the Ethereum Ronin fork, allowing them to build a blockchain suitable for gaming and a high frequency gaming. Unfortunately for players and NFT collectors this large development outlay needs to be recouped, which is why Axie Marketplace has the highest percentage commissions amongst NFT marketplaces.

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