Top 10 Solana NFTs Ranked by Twitter Followers

Twitter is the dominant public platform for NFT discussion and marketing, by analysing the Twitter followers of Solana NFT collections we can gain insight into the cultural penetration of these collections. (The ownership metrics provided are from Magic Eden.)

1. DeGods

136.2K Twitter Followers
4500 Owners

DeGods is the Solana NFT behind a global community of creators, developers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, experimenters and innovators.

2. Okay Bears

120.3K Twitter Followers
5150 Owners

Okay Bears NFTs provide access to a virtuous community which has transcended the internet into the real world. Meetups, events and yacht parties are just a few of the things holders currently have access to.

3. y00ts

101.4K Twitter Followers
6374 Owners

Each y00t NFT was hand designed by De Labs in Los Angeles, California. The NFT collection providers holders with access to y00topia – a curated community of builders and creators.

4. Solana Monkey Business

94.4K Twitter Followers
2904 Owners

SMB is a generative art NFT collection stored on the Solana blockchain. The aim of the collection is to bound the early Solana community together and aid in the provision of accessibility oriented design protocols to keep Solana apps easy and open for all to use.

5. Taiyo Pilots

39.3K Twitter Followers
4355 Owners

Taiyo Pilots NFTs are citizens of the Lunar city metaverse, the Pilots will be characters in a vast open play map with a range of vehicles to explore.

6. Elixir: Ovols

37.6K Twitter Followers
2658 Owners

Ovols are the core NFTs in the Elixir ecosystem, which is an open world metaverse focused on transparency, community and value.

7. Claynosaurz

35.1K Twitter Followers
3747 Owners

Take your dinosaur inspired NFT and travel back in time to distant lands. Explore uncharted lands and discover lost artefacts earning NFT evolutions and rewards.


23.1K Twitter Followers
7127 Owners

The LILY NFT collection has been created and published by The Lotus brand, providing its holders with rewards for using the Lotus web3 landing page.

9. ABC

11.3K Twitter Followers
1707 Owners

Abracadabra is a collection of NFTs with a zero royalty structure, the project is designed to remind its holders of the fun and creativity enjoyed during their youth.


3.6K Twitter Followers
71 Owners

DUELBOTS NFTs provide rewards and perks in the Duel Casino platform. The army of DUELBOTs has been battle tested and already helped many creators turn their design concepts into playable blockchain enabled games.

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