Cardano NFT Marketplace List Ranked by Discord Members

The Cardano blockchain is home to a thriving NFT market, with creators benefiting from its smart contract architecture allowing for fast transfers and low fees. Cardano is particularly attractive to new creators entering the space as minting NFTs is cheap and easy. By ranking the marketplaces serving this ecosystem by Discord users we can see the community engagement of each marketplace and its associated NFT collections.


109,045 Discord Members
🟢 1818 Online Members

CNFT is the first marketplace built exclusively for Cardano! The marketplace was built and launched by a decentralized international team in July 2021. The team has continued to build and deploy Cardano related NFT tools including minting, data and pool services.

2. AdaNFT

17,336 Discord Members
🟢 824 Online Members

AdaNFT is a membership based Cardano NFT marketplace with various tiers providing members with lower fees, early access to new collections and exclusive drops. The membership can be purchased by buying and staking $ASW tokens. AdaNFT is not an open marketplace, instead it hosts a carefully curated group of NFT collections.

3. JPG.Store

16,971 Discord Members
🟢 3488 Online Members

JPG Store is the biggest Cardano focused Non Fungible Token marketplace by trading volume. JPG Store is focused on providing creators with the best tools and royalties – opting to guarantee and protect creator royalties. This marketplace also hosts a launchpad and creator verification program.

4. Artano

700 Discord Members
🟢 123 Online Members

Artano is a sustainability focused and environmentally friendly NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain. The NFT collections displayed on this marketplace are curated by the community, and not the admin team – which is a refreshing differentiating feature.

5. Cardahub

300 Discord Members
🟢 43 Online Members

Cardahub is a NFT marketplace, but it is more well known for its suite of minting and distribution tools. The team has built the leading NFT airdrop tools for the Cardano ecosystem and recently released an NFT focused wallet, Cardahub is slowly creating a powerful ecosystem of internal tools, which will be difficult to rival.

6. Galaxy of Art

427 Discord Members
🟢 16 Online Members

Galaxy of Art is a Cardano exclusive marketplace focused on the trading of NFTs. The aim of this marketplace is to create prosperity and wealth for NFT creators and collectors. Galaxy of Art is also an environmentally friendly marketplace in terms of its smart contract architecture.

7. Tokhun

790 Disco5rd Members
🟢 117 Online Members

Tokhun is a less popular NFT marketplace within the Cardano ecosystem. The website was originally a minting tool, but has evolved into a smart contract based NFT marketplace. The team is continuing to build out the marketplace with the aim of attracting businesses which want to mint and sell NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

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